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February 01, 2006


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Memorials, in my opinion aren't as important as the work that must continue to carry on the legacy of equanimity and freedom. Putting up a stone tribute or naming a building isn't good enough. Naming our National Airport after the man (Reagan) who fired all the air traffic controllers is a good example of the worthlessness of egoistic tributes. Barbara Bush can fly through there and think "oh Ron was a great guy". Seeing a vision of peace inclusion and equality become our reality is the only fitting and lasting memorial for Coretta.
As I sat last night watching that state of the union speech last night, I couldn't help notice that it was given to a room full of white men, with a token person of color here, a woman or two there. A great civil rights champion dies on the same day someone opposed to rights of people is sworn in to the high court. When will we realize that a true change in America will come when our leadership reflects all the colors and genders of it's people? We the people, don't look like that in the streets of this country.

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