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June 05, 2009


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Melissa Darnell

What an eloquent, moving tribute. I wish I could have been there to hear you speak these words of truth and hope. I am so grateful though, that the familiarity of the cadence of your voice spoke to me as I was reading them just now.

Your call to action is worth all our endeavors. How relieved I am to know that we are working on this together.


Thanks for this, Zoe. It's beautiful.

I'm writing from New Zealand, and Dr. Tiller's murder was noted here with a kind of disbelieving horror on all sides of the abortion debate. Abortion is officially restricted, and you need the approval of 2 (or 3, can't recall) doctors to get one. But no one wants to be the one to force a woman to give birth against her will, so it works out to abortion on request. Nobody wants to touch the process or even look too hard at it for fear of opening up a Pandora's box of controversy. There's no up side for anybody - pro-choice folks don't want to upset the de facto abortion on request apple cart, Parliament does not want to alienate some percentage of voters on any given side by having this conversation, forced-birthers would like the present law to be enforced, but don't want to inspire any American-style violence, even unintentionally.

I love the blog.

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