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October 15, 2009


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Tracy Greene

I'm so glad I was able to march besides you and NOW!

Alida Bosaz

Here I am reading piecemeal about all the work you and many, many other women have laboured tirelessly, and I feel very humbly umprepared. I, who never joines anything---I am not a joiner!!Still I thought that your New campaign should benefit by likeminded women's desire to get what is merely a "Human right". Why is it necessary to fight in order to be "human?"--well, we all know why; and isn't that a sad commentary for a "world community" where the CIVIL in the Civil Rights and the human in Human Rights are merely and only empty vessels and pretentious, preposterous add-ons.


I love that this is the first in a series. It is passionate, articulate, and truthful...the very adjectives I use to describe my experience at the march. Thank you, thank you, for making that experience possible for me and my NOW sisters.


I read your blog right after watching the first two episodes of MadMen, which I had never watched before. I was overwhelmed by what a stifling, oppressive world it was for women (and it gave me a profound respect for the women of that generation) and then I read your blog and felt inspired by the courage of you and the other marchers. Thank you.

Camille Bright-Smith

I love what you wrote - I feel just the same way. All in all it was a very moving experience, but it did leave me feeling a little confused here and there. Thats life I guess.

Lets just keep MARCHING!

Robin McGehee

Hey Zoe - GREAT POST! I agree and relate with so much. If you don't mind, please send me the name of the person that didn't let your friend participate. I'm so sorry that that happened.

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