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April 20, 2010


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Yvonne Moore

You are beautifully brave. I am so grateful for you and all that you empower and agitate.

Erin Matson


Cindy Voll

I was outside with the protesters. We originally were on 39th and Figueroa, but were quickly moved by police to a location a couple blocks away behind a blockade they had put up just for us. We were not on the main drag, in fact the baracade was a good 100 feet back from the cross street. As we stayed in our cage, we watched as tea baggers, anti war protesters, and basically all the non-gay groups took over our corner at 39th and Fig. We were told we could not go back to our location. We waited for an hour and a half, protesting to the police, before we heard the helicopters approach. At that moment, the police let us return to our, now taken over by other groups, corner. We got back just in time to get our signs upo for the President's motorcade. It really sucks being sent to the back of the bus. It was proven to me that we are, in fact, second class citizens. Thank you for all you do.


If I had been closer to you I would have escorted you out myself. You were very rude and did nothing to advance the cause of DADT. You alienated people who had paid and waited and were excited to see Sen Boxer and the POTUS. If I were POTUS I would put the DADT issue at the bottom of the priority list. What people had to say about you: "Rude, rude, rude." I am all for the repeal of DADT but, honestly, do you watch the news? Do you live in the real world? Did you listen to President Obama's speech at all? In the past year-plus he has had to deal with a crashing economy and two wars - and that's just for starters. Seriously, you were just a little turd in the punchbowl and I am glad you were removed.

Jay Morris

Thank you, Zoe, for demanding to GetEQUAL. As to those like Cindy who squak about your rudeness, how rude is denying equal rights to a class of people? How rude is it when the insurance company refuses to insure you and your partner of 12 years on the same policy because you aren't related? How rude is it when hospital staff tell you your lover will die alone? How rude is it when you loose your job, not because you can't do the work, but because you kiss someone goodbye in the morning that is the same gender as you are?

Cindy, while there is a crashing economy and two wars for POTUS to deal with, that is no excuse for government sanctioned discrimination.

K Bosch

You just made pumping breastmilk so much more fun. Living vicariously...

David Murray

"The boom of my voice was enormous. The whole room stopped, including the President. I had never heard myself be so loud."

Good sentences, these.

Shannon Greene

Victoria has it right. It doesn't matter if there are 10 wars and the economy is still in the tank. If LGBT people wait for "the right time" we will never see change. There is no right time. Now is the time. And if we have to make some noise to get what we need, then so be it.

On a whole other level, I thought the President handled it really well in a lot of ways. If it had been George W. Bush he would have just kept on speaking while Zoe was removed. But Obama listens to people and he is a real person. He hears us. He knows what is right and maybe unlike Clinton (who approved DOMA) maybe Obama is brave enough to actually do the right thing.

Shannon Greene

^^I meant to say I disagree with Victoria, I agree with Jay -- I was confused about the signature lines

Just for the record, as I imagine you might be interested, the President did not listen, he had no intention to listen. These are key lines he uses to manage "hecklers." He grabs the topic, deflects it and then the plants in the audience start chanting, "Yes We Can," so loudly that it drowns out the dissenter. Or, as in my case, he invites the disruptor to come up and discuss it with him, for all to see, while the SS take the person out the door and off the property.
I was treated very kindly, very respectfully. I am not complaining in any way. I just want you to know that an invitation to come speak with him or POTUS saying - now, now, let's listen to this man - are planned methods to deal with people in such crowds at pricey fundraisers.

Minerva Figueroa

I supported most of the actions of Get Equal this week, but I cannot support what you and others did at that event. You were in L.A. a political terrain dominated by the some very powerful minority groups. You gave Fox and MSNBC talking points. Their narrative went this way: White people feel more comfortable interrupting or heckling the president because he is a minority. Indeed that is what happened-Fox took the ball and ran with it. It planted the narrative which i know is untrue in the black and brown comunities in L.A.
The result was: GAY CAUSES ARE TEABAGGED in communities of color.
I am sorry Zoe but this specific action will backfire in the long run.

Zoe Nicholson

Hello Minerva,
It is up to our friends to step up and tell FOX & MSNBC that such a conclusion is ridiculous. Our lives and rich array of friends represent the diversity we seek. I cannot imagine using teabag as a verb nor being applicable anywhere near me and my teammates.
I voted for Obama. More importantly, I voted for Obama because I am a Democrat living in a democracy and I will hold him responsible for his promises in trade for my vote. If you have been reading me, you would know I have been a LOUD voice for the ERA and CEDAW which appear on page 49 of his platform. (unhappy with him in the Illinois legislature also - on ERA & choice)
I did not vote for Bush - so I have no contract with him. I worked to get him out of office.

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