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May 25, 2012


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Melinda Tremaglio

As usual, a very inspiring, thoughtful article. I love your passion and tenacity for the ERA and equality!


Thank you, Zoe, for your incisive analysis and clarion call for unity and collaboration. And thank you, as ever, for keeping the torch burning for equality for everyone.
I would like permission to repost this article on the front page of http://eraeducationproject

Linda Perkins

Zoe, this is an excellent, timely and very needed piece. I think you're correct the social media and technology can accelerate action, information and awareness of issues. I cringe when so many of my colleagues announce with great superiority that they don't use any type of social media and/or technology. It's as if it's beneath and "frivolous" . I had one colleague tell me she doesn't even have a cell phone. Okay, it's a free country. But, just like when people complain about the "junk" on tv -(I have a colleague who has no TV), you have choices for what you watch. There are many, many things I don't watch on TV but to condemn an entire medium because of some horrible and detrimental programming is wrong in my opinion. We just have to continue to bring the topic of the ERA up wherever we can and hopefully it will emerge again. I think many people don't think we need the ERA becasue they falsely think that women's legal rights have been taken care of. I applaud your lifelong commitment to this issue.


Terrific. I am sharing this.

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