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May 04, 2013


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marille herrmann

thanks for this work. knew quite a bit about Alice Paul. This detail was never mentioned. It took until she was in her chair and incapacitated that her wisdom was neglected.
And I agree with you and her that contemplating about the impact of ERA on laws is a waste. we need equality stated in the constitution.


OK Zoe...

Here's what I'd really like to understand: Who or whom were responsible (from the NWP) for ensuring the creation of CEDAW and continuation for the fight of the ERA. The real teeth of the ERA stuck via international orgs and treaties (e.g., IACW). The UN, two decades later, would establish "equality" in its Preamble and several sections of the IDHR and UDHR. Despite the stanch opposition nationally (from ERA inception), it seems Paul knew that the U.S. would not change its laws to grant women freedom from discrimination. As she did at the age of 18, Paul recognized the system and could see how it worked instantly. There are so many maneuvers that Paul made overtly and covertly that no one could keep stride.

So back to the CEDAW org. creation issue...Paul had to be looking ahead at least during the late 50s. You know she did when NOW was founded. Although the UN carved it out, it was Paul/NWP that rearranged pawns on the chessboard. Thus, did one of Paul's international associates (or several) commit to continuing the fight for equality between men and women?
Someone at the UN developed the Women's Commission in conjunction with the Economic, Social, Political and Cultural committees/sub-committees that Paul/NWP spearheaded (some quietly). Someone received information as to how to fund the new campaign. Someone originated the idea and put the plans in action. It is my belief that the seeds of CEDAW were planted by Paul/NWP: I may be wrong. Yet, I am fascinated with the history of suffrage and the ERA. Paul was just too damn brilliant to not secure a plan B prior to her death.

I'd be interested in hearing your views on the matter. In advance, thank you for taking the time to read and consider my curious rantings :) Good day to you Ms.


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